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Ziquan Pavilion

Ziquan Pavilion of nanjing dongjiao state guesthouse is a leisure and entertainment center integrating recreation, fitness, vacation and conference reception. Its unique charm lies in the luxurious and complete state guest level service projects and unique environment!

Deep mountain natural oxygen bar, every cubic centimeter 7600 negative oxygen ions, exercise while bathing in natural negative ions health, fitness, two not wrong!


The main project

1.2,800 meters underground hot spring pool

       25 m x 50 m Olympic standard swimming pool with underwater sound box, large electronic screen, the four seasons water temperature 28 ℃ always stay in the human body is the most comfortable, adopts the most advanced water purification systems, and automatic green environmental protection of the ozone disinfection, ensure that

drops of pure and flawless.

      The pool spring water is extracted from the natural geothermal water in the depth of 2,800 meters underground, and contains more than 50 kinds of minerals, such as

metasilicic acid, metasiboric acid, potassium, iron, sodium and calcium. The water rich in metasilicic acid is a "health care product" to prevent diseases and enhance the

function of human organs. It has health care functions for cardiovascular, bone growth, beauty and skin care, etc. Rich minerals can relax muscles and eliminate fatigue;

PH7.5 slightly alkaline, suitable for the human body environment, is conducive to maintain normal osmotic pressure and acid-base balance, but also can dilate blood

vessels, promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, physical therapy and health care effect is significant.

Note: hotel guests enjoy free access to the hot spring swimming pool

2.Indoor tennis court approved by ioc members

       Nanjing eastern suburb state guesthouse indoor tennis court, has complete infrastructure: large 360 degrees shadowless lamp to eliminate blind spots, soft natural light all day and night vision, play fitness come rain or shine, this is a lot of outdoor tennis courts will never be able to have the huge advantage, overall indoor tennis court in accordance with the international standard construction, was awarded the international Olympic committee small sarwar range, ms ling wei, director of the center for Chinese tennis also praised said: "in the east suburb of nanjing state guesthouse indoor tennis court is a has the

international standard of course."

3.3D Cinema

Purple spring floor 3D cinema, synchronized with the happy blue sea movie city, shocked every night!

Note: free admission for hotel guests

4.Fitness and rest programs

Table tennis room: standard table tennis table.

Fitness center: spacious fitness venue, imported fitness equipment, let you sweat!

Snooker billiards room: elegant environment, enjoy the elegant

gentleman sport.

Chess and card room: comfortable and spacious, free tea.

(entertainment only, no gambling allowed)

Day water: view recreational bar, experience personally, ability realizes the

meaning of style.

5.Hot spring health bubble pool

       Deep mountains and natural hot springs ensure the purity of every drop. All-weather constant temperature, the four seasons temperature 40 ℃, always stay in the human body comfortable warm, close skin water to every pore of skin moist. Hot spring bubble pool, steam sauna, fitness, be like

a fish in water ground carefree dripping wet, the exhaustion body and mind that lets busy life gets thorough release, enjoy pure natural body and

mind to the top of one's bent ablution. The mineral rich hot spring, let our body enjoy the complete relaxation at the same time, but also supplement a lot of mineral nutrition.

6. The multi-function hall

The multi-function hall has a large conference space, projection curtain, surround stereo, ceiling spotlights magnificent,

suitable for hosting parties, group viewing, large lectures and so on.

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