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The hotel's wedding reception team has very professional wedding banquet consultants

to remind the couples to welcome guests, to help arrange guest seats, to guide the

couples to propose a toast and to deliver guests, and even to act as your wine assistant,

to help you control the drinks on the wedding reception site, to meet the needs of the

customers and to avoid unnecessary waste. The meticulous and considerate service gives full play to the role of “secretary” to solve minor unexpected troubles and save new

people's worry and effort. 

2.Banquet butler service beyond worry

The hotel ballroom reserves 100% creative space for the couple, and all the design and

layout can meet the wishes of the new couples. From the perspective of venue, discussion of wedding banquet plan, wedding consultation and other negotiations, we have carefully recorded the demand and provided the plan, effectively removing the worries of the new couple facing the complicated wedding trivia, and giving full play to the professional

standard and service quality of the wedding banquet team. 

1.A professional wedding reception team is trustworthy

The unique European style of Vienna Golden Hall, the romantic atmosphere of music in details, the unique high-rise design inside, and the bright ceiling crystal lamp of

the handsome and tall building of Nanjing Dongjiao State Guesthouse make the

wedding more unique in temperament and taste. 

3.Unique Temperament Makes Wedding More Successful

Wedding is a combination of happiness and love. Happiness in other people's eyes

and sweetness in one's heart are self-evident delights. The honeymoon room in

Nanjing Dongjiao State Guesthouse, which witnesses the wedding, is the best gift for

the new couple. The new Nanjing Dongjiao State Guesthouse better understands the

sweetness and romance in the hearts of the new couples and makes the best use of

everything to create a surprisingly romantic hut for them. 

4.Wedding honeymoon room, let happiness continue

6.Best offer for wedding banquet package, multi-faceted gift scheme, make the wedding more cost-effective 

Nanjing Dongjiao State Guesthouse provides considerate wedding banquet discounts

for the new couple, and cooperates with careful service to make your fantastic wedding dream come true. In Nanjing Dongjiao State Guesthouse, the new couple can enjoy

free use of the luxurious queen bed room as the wedding room, free drinking of the

hotel's customized soft drinks, free access to 1 bottle of customized red wine per table, luxurious dressing room, stage, one battery car for one day, etc. and can enjoy special room price concessions to meet the accommodation needs of wedding guests. Budget wedding banquet package and multi-faceted gift scheme make the wedding more


Nanjing Dongjiao State Guesthouse's wedding banquet dishes are one of the

characteristics different from other hotels. Fresh ingredients are now made on the same day, which is higher than the quality assurance of dishes in the same industry. The selection of tableware and utensils is of the highest quality. The wedding banquet set meal is of high cost performance. Each dish is exquisitely made. The flavor features maintain the consistent quality of Huaiyang cuisine

and are impressive. Choose here, the guests and friends of the new couple can enjoy the courtesy of state banquet in the hotels that receive important

international conferences. 

5.Wedding banquet menu of state banquet quality

2019 Special rate for annual wedding banquet: 4999RMB/table

For reservation of wedding banquet, please call at:(86-25)51800801、51800802