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Address:China Nanjing Zijin Mountain road No. 5





       Nanjing Dongjiao State Guesthouse, located at the southern foot of Zijin Mountain in Nanjing Zhongshan Mountain National Park, covering an area of more than 300,000 square meters, is known as a natural oxygen bar with tranquil courtyards and comfortable surroundings decorated by flowers and green trees in which birds are chirping all the year round. The hotel was built in 1957 to receive politic leaders and statesmen, heads of foreign countries, as well

as domestic and foreign guests and conference delegations. It is well-known for its beautiful environment, perfect facilities and ambassador-level service,

showing the extraordinary quality and fantastic experience it offers to customers.  

Hotel introduction

Guest rooms

       The hotel offers villas in Chinese and western style, including 3 standard suites and 2 apartments. With pleasant and comfortable decoration in soft

color, and wireless network access, it is the best choice for meeting, business and travel. Sitting leisurely on the railing and overlooking the scenic view of

Zhongshan Mountain makes one feel comfortable and relaxed. 

Food and beverage

       It has more than 20 restaurants in different styles and sizes, with nearly 1200 table. It gathers all kinds of Chinese and western delicacies with unique

features. It offers all kinds of dishes, especially Huaiyang cuisine and state banquet cuisine, so that every guest can satiate his or her palate by the delicacies. 

The meeting

       The magnificent Ziguang Hall and Zixia Hall (nearly 800 square meters respectively), the elegant Heping Hall (638 square meters) and the high-standard large-scale meeting hall Zhongshan Hall (720 square meters) can hold various high-end meetings, VIP reception and large-scale banquets. There are 19

different types of small and medium-sized meeting room of different types that can meet the needs of various business meetings, so that you can fully

appreciate the relaxed meeting and perfect experience. 


       Ziquan Pavilion with complete facilities and first-class facilities is equipped with indoor constant temperature standard swimming pool with natural hot

spring 2800 meters underground, 3D cinema, multifunctional performance hall, master indoor tennis court, gym, snooker room, table tennis room, various

chess and card rooms, teahouses, beauty salon and other fitness and entertainment items, which can meet all your needs and allow you to relax yourself

completely. Ziyuan Leisure Area, which is designed and built by extracting the essence of the gardens in Suzhou and Yangzhou, allows you to enjoy the

quiet, graceful and profound artistic conception of classical gardens.