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Zichun Hall


Zichun Hall is the main building of the Ziyuan Garden complex, which embodies the aesthetic conception of “beautiful landscape in small space” in Chinese gardens. 

       Since the spring hall screen side couplet: Yang chun budeze, all things in the sun. From "zhaoming wenxuan • ancient yuefu • long song". Selected works of zhaoming is the first collection of literary works in China, which had a great influence on literature of tang and song dynasties.

Indoor stage:

[plaque] spring and autumn period (huang dun, director and professor of nanjing art student art research institute)

The Chinese stage is the place where the legends of the past and the present are

interpreted, to praise the flourishing times or the vicissitudes of nature and


【 united 】 harmony sheng sheng, spring full of China

(director of Chinese calligrapher's association, President of jiangsu calligrapher's

association, curator of jiangsu art museum, sun xiaoyun)

In this sentence "huangzhou" refers to jiankang, southern dynasty poet bao zhao

"shi shi shi fu zhou shan" : "fan shuang fei yu da, love jingli huangzhou.

The federation changed "huangzhou" to "shenzhou".

       Screen "primrose picture" the expressionism form that USES double-sided embroider. She

is a famous su embroidery artist, a senior craft artist at the level of researcher, a representative

inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage project (su embroidery), and the work of

master yao jianping, known as the "queen of su embroidery". Will the traditional Chinese

painting lines, structure, color, light, and the organic combination of traditional embroidery

stitch, focusing on the aestheticism of art works, emphasizes the light color of natural transition, bold pursuit of colorful colorful, full use of flat embroidery and respective characteristics of

disorderly needle embroider, fusion of Chinese and western, ancient and modern fusion, clever apply special riot in change transformation. Yao jianping's work "the queen of England", which was presented to queen Elizabeth ii as a state gift, is the work of master yao jianping. The wives of some foreign leaders who attended the youth Olympic Games in nanjing in 2014 also tried

Chinese suzhou embroidery under her guidance.


      Since the spring hall south outreach: into the eternal love, when the window security six dynasties mountain. Li cheng-title from the qing dynasty "from the yi xuan couplets

sheng hua", mo you for the jin lingyu garden qingyuan hall for the couplet.

(director of Chinese calligrapher's association, President of jiangsu calligrapher's

association, curator of jiangsu art museum, sun xiaoyun)



From the north side of chuntang outreach: the wave heart is like a mirror leaving the bright moon, and the pon-rhyme is like muon-wind lon-ger. From (qianlong title qingliang temple)

(works by zhang jianhua, deputy head of the publicity department of jiangsu provincial party

committee, party secretary of jiangsu federation of literary and art circles, and President of

jiangsu academy of calligraphy)