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2,800 meters underground hot spring pool

       25 m x 50 m Olympic standard swimming pool with underwater sound box, large electronic screen, the four seasons water temperature 28 ℃ always stay

in the human body is the most comfortable, adopts the most advanced water purification systems, and automatic green environmental protection of the ozone disinfection, ensure that drops of pure and flawless.

       The pool spring water is extracted from the natural geothermal water in the depth of 2,800 meters underground, and contains more than 50 kinds of minerals, such as metasilicic acid, metasiboric acid, potassium, iron, sodium and calcium. The water rich in metasilicic acid is a "health care product" to prevent diseases and enhance the function of human organs. It has health care functions for cardiovascular, bone growth, beauty and skin care, etc. Rich minerals can relax muscles and eliminate fatigue; PH7.5 slightly alkaline, suitable for the human body environment, is conducive to maintain normal osmotic pressure and acid-base balance, but

also can dilate blood vessels, promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, physical therapy and health care effect is significant.

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