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The company participated in the 4th Shanghai International Automobile Lighting Exhibition

The company participated in the 4th Shanghai International Automobile Lighting Exhibition

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On March 28th, the 4th Shanghai Automotive Lighting Exhibition and the 13th Automotive Lighting Industry Development Technology Forum opened at the Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center. The company was invited as the vice chairman unit of the China Automotive Industry Association Automotive Lamps Committee. Attend the forum. The forum is based on the theme of innovation, intelligence, green and sharing. The top professional and technical personnel from the industry gather here to discuss the future development direction of the lamp technology and the development prospects of automotive lighting automation.

At the forum, Mr. Qi Yongwei, the company's vice president of technology, was invited to make an opening speech. Ms. Zhu Caiping, a technical center expert, elaborated on the global unified regulations of automobile lamps with unique visual and novel arguments. The preliminary research and development of Mr. Liu Zhengquan made a speech entitled “ A wonderful speech on the research of laser high-beam illumination performance.

The exhibition company exhibited LED headlamps, LED rear combination lights, light guide technology signal lamps, touch-type, gesture-controlled indoor lights, which attracted many customers and colleagues from home and abroad to stop and visit. This exhibition is not only a window to show the production process and technology research and development capabilities of Xingyu, but also an opportunity to learn and communicate. We believe that only continuous technological innovation can provide a continuous source of power for the future development of Xingyu.